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Data / GUI

The Restep power system transmits data via USB.  The data can be transmitted in real-time, or saved in local memory and downloaded later on.  Data can be imported to Microsoft Excel, LabView, or another established data processing software.  An example of the data presentation is shown below.  In this example, the battery was topped-off in the morning, used to power a constant 36W load until it was depleted, and then solar energy recharged the battery in the afternoon.

Above: The Excel dashboard automatically calculates and displays relevant data.  This is just one example of how the user data can be presented.  The software tools here are provided as open-source for anyone to use and modify for their own specific application.


Below: Charts show profiles of the battery voltage and charge, system power and energy.  These were generated in Excel, but could be generated with many other applications.  Since this is all open-source, anyone can tailor what data is read from the system and how it is used.

Excel takes the raw data from the micro controller, applies processing and formatting to make it easy to interpret.  The data in the table below is used to build the charts and dashboard above.

The data looks good, but what does it mean?

Here are just a few ways the data can indicate what is happening in the system...

The snippets below are from the full plots above.