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Here are some items you could power with the Restep power system...


The original application for the Restep Power System is FarmBot.  The idea is that you can power a FarmBot with renewable energy and have some insight as to how much power is available, what is the state of charge of the battery, etc.  The Restep prototype is currently powering a FarmBot, but the applications for the Restep Power System go further.  Here are some more ideas...

  • LED lighting

  • Laptop charger

  • Smartphone / tablet charger

  • Internet modem / Wifi router

  • Small refrigerator or freezer

  • Vaccine refrigerator

  • Water pump

  • Water filter

  • Water ozonator

  • Remote camera

  • Drone recharging station

And here are some ways you could provide that power...

Solar panels

The Restep prototype uses solar photovoltaic panels as the power source, but these are some other potential sources...


Bicycle Hub Hydro Turbine

Bicycle Hub Wind Turbine

  • Other hydro turbine

  • Other wind turbine

  • Stationary bicycle generator

  • Thermoelectric generator

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